Monday, May 10, 2010

Vendor Review: Ardesign flowers

I posted back in November on our flower vendor: Ardesign from Etsy. We ordered our flowers last year, and they arrived gorgeous, just the way I had hoped they would look. Check, done and done. I must admit I had some moments of doubt about fake flowers- will they look bad? Will everyone notice? Will I end up hating them? Will I wish I had shelled out the cash for real flowers? But I persevered, telling myself, you don't want to spend that kind of cash, having fake flowers is one less thing to worry about on the day of, and nobody will notice or care.

And I was right! Not having to work with a flower vendor on the day of the wedding was great; one less thing to worry about. Everyone loved the bouquets, particularly the spotted brown feather trim. And if people noticed they were fake, nobody mentioned it. I was discussing the bouquets with my grandmother while my parents were standing there, and my Dad was like, oh, well, the bouquets are fake, but this boutonniere is real, right? No, Dad! That's fake, too. He was surprised.

I should mention that my Dad looked very handsome- he wore a bow tie and cumberbund that he personaly selected from Beau Ties Ltd. The colors went perfect with everything! Good job, Dad.