Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you notes- CHECK!

I don't want to brag (oh wait, yes I do), but we are done with our thank-you notes. Been done for awhile, in fact- I spent April 13th on a note writing frenzy. It was the perfect task for that day- it was the first day in a long time I had nothing to do, no family to run around and tend to, and I was exhausted. So I tucked myself into bed with my laptop streaming some MTV shows (I love you, "16 and Pregnant"), and got to work. Marc did a number of them, too, and before long, we were caught up with everyone! Except the mysterious giver of the Pyrex 12-piece storage set. We have yet to figure out who gave this to us; when we opened it, it had no card attached, and attempts to figure out the giver so far have turned up nothing. I think I saw someone holding it in the pro-pictures of our receiving line, and I am pursuing that lead. Hopefully we'll be able to write a note for that one soon!