Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work Shower

Today was my last day at the office before the wedding, and the girls at work organized a shower for me! So sweet. It's pretty stressful being the guest of honor at a shower, though- opening all the gifts, everyone looking at you. They were so generous and it made me feel like a terrible person! Does this make me crazy? This is how I feel at present parties- insufficient. And the room felt like it was about 100 degrees! Putting that stress aside, I had a lovely time. They really put together a lovely spread!

How much do we love my fabulous bow hat! I might just wear it to the airport tomorrow to pick up my family. I had such a slew of gifts, I had to take a cab home! Once home, I showed little Twinkie one of the cards. In typical dog style, she was not overly impressed.