Sunday, April 4, 2010

Operation Get Nice Nails: Week 3

Week 3! And I finally found the perfect shade for the wedding day- Adore-A-Ball. The Essie website describes it as "A sheer soft pink, perfect for a french manicure." To me, it's the perfect balance of pink and nude, sheer and opaque. To you, it probably looks just like the colors from the two previous weeks. That's probably good for me to keep in mind, though- in the end, any shade is going to be just fine. Boring blog post, but lesson learned! If only I were searching for blues or oranges or purples.
This is about as I let my nails get before I cut them off, so this is going to be a weird week, as I get used to having nails. This is what I get for having really deep-set fingernails; it takes me FOREVER to grow them to a length that looks "normal", forget long. They are already getting in the way of my typing a little bit. If they weren't done up, they'd probably already be breaking. Wish I was living a life where getting a weekly manicure every week made sense!