Friday, April 9, 2010

Hanging the Pom-Poms Time!

This afternoon, before our rehearsal, my sister and I decorated the reception hall with the famous Martha Stewart Pom-Poms. We got into a good rhythm- sister put the pom-poms together and fluffed them, I cut fishing line, strung it along the ceiling, and hung pom-poms. They really do come together fast once you get into it. Hello down there, sister!

The ladder of doom! Seriously, pretty sure the church bought this ladder when they built the building in the 1920s. The wood was rotting, there were screws hanging off, and it shook back and forth every time you climbed it. It's amazing I'm still alive!
My major tip? Don't drop your spool of fishing line on the floor from the top of a ladder, breaking it and tangling all the fishing line. That took a lot of time for the rest of the afternoon, untangling the blob everytime I needed some. Fishing line is about $6 a spool, save yourself some heartache and buy two.