Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burning Down the House

Last Saturday, I put some bread in the oven to toast (because, like I said, I don't have a toaster). I was in a rush to eat and get out for errands, so I put the oven on "Broil". Then FedEx came with a wedding gift. Oooo, china and flatware from my aunt! She's so sweet, I can't wait to see her. I should pull out my stationery and write her a thank-you note. And I'm so excited about my new Abstract Expressionist stamps. They're art for my envelopes, literally! Better make sure I write the addresses small so there's room for the stamp- Wait, what's that smell? You guessed it. I burnt the toast- and probably my face, too, while I pulled the charred pieces out. Thank goodness Marc has a high tolerance for burned things. Me, if it's even a little brown, I don't want it. He'll practically eat charcoal. Which he did, with some turkey and avocado on top. Yet another reason we need a toaster! In the meantime, I'll be turning off all cooking appliances when distractions arrive in the mail.