Monday, March 1, 2010

Licensed and ready!

We got our marriage license! I got off work a little early, and booked it downtown to the Manhattan marriage bureau. Of COURSE the train I was on was wicked slow, but thankfully, I did arrive with about half an hour to spare (it closes at 3:45? Really? Come on, that's cruel). It only took about 5 minutes once we were there- you fill out the registration form at home, and bring in a copy of your confirmation number, so all there really is to do is double and triple check that everything was entered correctly, and pay your $35. The woman we worked with was surprised Marc was taking my surname, saying that rarely happens but it's the second groom she had do it this week. Once you have your license, you can sit back and watch the bride parade! Young and old, all in white- short dresses seemed to rule the day, despite the blizzard outside. I bet it would be fun to spend a whole day at the marriage bureau. You're probably not allowed, but I'd do it if I could!