Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lack of Cute?

I really should stop looking at wedding blogs at this point. I keep seeing cute stuff and thinking, ahhhhh, why am I not doing that? Like, look at this FREAKIN' ADORABLE WEDDING (the bride's blog is here). I want it all! I want the decorations, I want the mustaches, I want the food setup. I want all the little random bits scattered around to set a mood. Like, look at that bucket of cowboy hats- I didn't realize I needed something like that until I saw it. I don't think I have any of that kind of stuff. I may have to go on a shopping spree this weekend to see if I can find.... something. I don't know. I really should stop looking at wedding blogs at this point.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Keeping an eye on the weather

Now that I'm past the two-week mark, I've started to look at the weather for our wedding day. does 15 day extended forecasts, and naturally, I've been looking at ours every day. Thankfully, we're well past the point of worrying about snow (I hope!), but you know the old saying about "April Showers". Who cares about May flowers! I don't need 'em, I need flowers for April 10 and then I really don't care anymore. That's why the rain today, and tomorrow, and the next day, won't get me down. Good! Rain all you want, sky! Get it out of your system before my family arrives next week. The extended forecast for the week in general is looking good- no rain, highs in the 60s, lows in the 50s. The forecast for our actual wedding day shifts every day. Yesterday, it was going to be sunny, high 60s/50s. Today, it's going to be cloudy, low 60s/40s. I do hope the sun wins out in the end! And PLEASE, no rain!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Operation Get Nice Nails: Week 2

Back to the salon for my second manicure before the wedding. My nail have grown out a little! I think my fingers are already looking more sophisticated. Several of you gave me nail color suggestions, and I had them all in mind- but my salon didn't have any of them in stock! Boo. I ended up picking something I thought would look nice- essie's "It's In The Bag". Really not liking the color- you can't tell in the picture, but it's very pink. My dress is ivory and champagne, so something this pink would really POP in a bad way. At least in person- it looks fine in the picture I took, and would probably look fine in all the other pictures, because who cares other than me? Nobody. I'm still getting a nude color next Friday, though.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wedding Night!

Close your dirty minds, people!

Just about two weeks (!) until the wedding, and I've had a change of heart regarding our wedding night accommodations. I always thought money was going to be very tight, and so I figured staying at my apartment on our wedding night would be a reasonable way to save money. However, as the day approaches, our budget improves and my apartment gets messier and messier, the thought of coming back to my basement cave after our wedding makes me very depressed. Particularly considering what it represents- I had really been looking forward to moving into a new apartment right after our wedding, but now, we will not be moving for several months, opting instead to have Marc move into my place in the interim. My place is already small, smaller every time a wedding gift gets delivered (not that we mind the gifts!), and I think once he moves his stuff in, it's going to be a total nightmare. For one night, I'd like to be able to pretend I'll be living in the lap of luxury.

Why are hotel rooms always bigger and nicer than my apartment?

So, I'm looking at hotels! Leaning toward the Waldorf-Astoria, so we can do the decadent Sunday Brunch at Peacock Alley the next morning. Seriously, look at this menu. Incredible! After weeks of closely watching my diet to make sure I don't put on any last-minute pounds, 6 kinds of Eggs Benedict sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for a copy of What Do We Do Now: Keith and the Girl's Smart Answers to Your Stupid Relationship Questions. The winner is mom2mna. Congratulations! Please e-mail me so I can ship you your book! And everyone else- run out and buy a copy of this book! You will be glad you did.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A hand for the toaster

Isn't this a lovely toaster?

When did toasters go out of fashion as wedding gifts? When did they suddenly become the butt of every joke? "Hope you don't end up with 16 toasters!" "Gotta register, or all you'll wind up with is toasters!" You're looking at a girl who does not own a toaster. I've been coasting by for years just toasting things in the regular oven, but now that I'm going to be a married lady, I've decided I would like a toaster. I cannot lie: the main reason I want a toaster is so I can make Eggo Waffles. You can't make an Eggo in the oven! As a result, I haven't had one in years, and I am craving them hardcore. I was just thinking today about how I ate them for breakfast when I was younger. An Eggo Waffle with rainbow chip frosting. Yes, my mother let me have a waffle with frosting for breakfast. And it was delicious. Probably couldn't stomach it now, but I hope to have a toaster soon so I can find out!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giveaway Extension!

Hey- I'm extending my book giveaway deadline until Sunday, March 21st at 9 p.m. You still have a chance to win!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Operation Get Nice Nails Commences

I've never been big on nails- I was a nail biter way back in the day, so for as long as I can remember, I've kept my nails trimmed very, very short. But that just won't do for the wedding day! I'd like to grow my nails out a little to make my sausage fingers look a little longer.

New York City is a great city to care about your nails. There are nail salons everywhere! And because of the competition, services are wicked cheap. I got a pedicure AND a manicure tonight for $18 (plus a nice tip).

I'm going to get a manicure every week (or as needed) until the wedding. That sounds like a lot, but it's only 3 weeks away! AHHHHHHH! I was reading some book the other day that suggested you get weekly manicures for 3 months before the wedding. I'm vain but not that vain.

I'm hoping to use my weekly manicures as a trial period for different polish colors. Tonight's color is "Blushing Bride"- and yes, the name is totally why I picked it. It's very sheer and subtle- a little too subtle for my taste. I want a simple, subdued color, but I want something that looks like more than a clear polish. It's good for this first week, though.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beauty Time! First up, facercise!

With the wedding a mere ::gulp:: 23 days away, it's time to start getting beautiful! Well, let's be serious, I'm always working to get more beautiful, but now the task seems ever more urgent! The first item on my beauty to-do list is a bit controversial- face exercises.

Yeah, that's right, I facercise. Scoff all you want, that stuff WORKS. I did a 30-day stint last year, and I could definitely see the improvements when it was all done. Which begs the question, why don't I do it all the time? Laziness, pure and simple. It's not like the results were astounding- no one came up to me and said, my word! Look at your new, improved face! I couldn't pinpoint one thing in particular that changed for the better; all I know is that after I had been doing it for awhile, my face looked fresher and more alive. Which is important when you're an olive-skinned girl, particularly at this time of year. I don't want to be green at my wedding! Even if the positive results are all in my head, that's good enough for me. So anyway, if you happen to spot me on the bus in the coming weeks, squeezing my eyes shut and moving my eyebrows up and down, know that it's all being done for a good cause!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ZOMG Gift Time!

Look what we got in the mail from one of Marc's best friends!

Not the dog, or the dog chew sticks. A Wii! Marc's roommate has a Wii, and we thought it would be fun to have one, so we added it to the registry as something of a gag, but I never thought someone would actually get it for us! I'm totally embarrassed by the generosity! And by the fact that we don't even own a TV between the two of us. I guess that's next on our shopping list!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keith and the Girl Relationship Book Giveaway!

*Edit: I've extended the deadline for entries through Sunday, March 21st at 9 p.m. Enter now!*

I had a great evening tonight- I went to a bingo event at Lolita Bar hosted by the two funniest people on the internet, Keith and Chemda from the internet radio show Keith and the Girl. I have been a huge fan of their show for years- I was listening back when they did show #100, and now they're past 1100! They do 5 hilarious shows a week, that I put on my iPod and laugh along to on the bus. Laugh at something everyone can hear, and the world laughs with you. Laugh at something only you can hear, and you'll get extra breathing room on the bus.

Tonight's bingo event was extra-special because Keith and Chemda are celebrating the release of their relationship book, What Do We Do Now? Keith and the Girl's Smart Answers to Your Stupid Relationship Questions. My pre-ordered copy arrived earlier this week, and it is hilaaaaaarious and insightful. The questions are answered in a conversational style, with little icons that let you know if you're hearing from Keith or Chemda. The chapters are organized by topic- "Money", "Sex and Kink", "Household"- there's even a chapter on "Marriage"! You definitely want to hear their answers to tough questions like, "Should I take out a loan to buy my girlfriend the engagement ring of her dreams?", "Does a prenup mean we don't love each other?" and "Should I push my live-in boyfriend into proposing?"

I am so pleased that I can give away this book as my first-ever Kate the Bride giveaway! You can enter from right now until Saturday, March 20th, at 12 noon ET. You can get up to 3 entries, by doing the following three things:

1. Go to, read the chapter of the book posted on the website, and leave me a comment with your favorite question.
2. Tweet about the giveaway including a link (, and leave a comment below with a link to your tweet.
3. Blog about the giveaway including a link, and leave a comment below with a link to your post.

That's it! The winner will get one copy of the (soon to be New York Times Bestseller, I can just feel it in my bones) book, and some cute stickers, too. Get to it!

*Disclaimers: You must comment directly on my entry to win- comments left on will not be counted. Yes, you can leave all 3 entries in one comment. Winner will be chosen at random. There will only be one winner. If you win but I can't figure out how to contact you or you never get back to me with your mailing address, I will chose another winner. Will only ship to a US address (including APOs/FPOs, because military people deserve it). If you try to cheat me, you will be subject to Keith's Justice, and let me tell you, it ain't pretty.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cake Time!

Ugh, I have had NO TIME lately for wedding stuff. And it's coming up so fast! So fast that all my little computer counters have lost their minds. According to them, it's somewhere between 27-29 days to the wedding. Some even said "Wedding in 29 Days (30 Days)" yesterday. Hey, little tickers, get it together.

Tomorrow, we will be ordering our sheet cakes at Costco! I am SO FREAKIN' EXCITED about these cakes. You have to understand, I'm not a big sweets eater. I find most desserts to be too rich or too sweet to truly be enjoyable. But a few months ago, we got a Costco cake to say goodbye to a dear church friend as she moved to Chicago, and this cake was INCREDIBLE! Vanilla cake, vanilla cheesecake filling, and cream cheese frosting. I wanted to bring it home and eat it every day (but settled for finding excuses to eat it from the church fridge for 3 days in a row). I'm so excited to share it with our guests!

Now, to decide which little pictures I want.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our tasting: behold the goodies!

We met with and signed a contract with our dessert caterer- check out these yummies! I look forward to stuffing my face with all this goodness.

Scones with lingonberry jam and buttercream frosting!
Little cupcakes!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Guilty confession: A mixup on the guest list

A friend from church mentioned to me the other day that she hadn't gotten her invitation yet. It's been two weeks, so it totally should have arrived by now. No problem, I said; I have a few extra, I'll send you another one. I went onto our wedding website to pull up her username and password and.... she wasn't on the list. I had forgotten to send her one in the first place! Eeeeee. That's embarrassing. Don't know how it happened; I got her mailing address and everything. At least I found out before the wedding. My friend got the "replacement" invitation in the mail already. Don't think I'll tell her about the mixup :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't mess with the judge

A little Friday fun for you- a bride, a photographer, and Judge Joe Brown. Moral of the story: don't mess with the bride!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Am A Stalker

Hello, my name is Kate the Bride, and I am a registry stalker.

Registry stalking, for those who don't know (and if you're crazy enough to read wedding blogs, you know, so don't play), is where you regularly check in on your online gift registries, to see what's been purchased. I personally look at mine every day. I can't help it! It's so exciting! People are BUYING ME THINGS- we've gotten 4 gifts so far, all from our Bed, Bath and Beyond registry. Some might say, oh, but that ruins the surprise, but I don't think that's true. I already picked out all this stuff, no gift from a registry is a surprise. It's seeing who gave the gift that is the really exciting part. I try to guess before opening a gift who it's from, and I never guess right! People have been so generous, it's really sweet. And I'm letting each and every one of them know via thank-you note!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Licensed and ready!

We got our marriage license! I got off work a little early, and booked it downtown to the Manhattan marriage bureau. Of COURSE the train I was on was wicked slow, but thankfully, I did arrive with about half an hour to spare (it closes at 3:45? Really? Come on, that's cruel). It only took about 5 minutes once we were there- you fill out the registration form at home, and bring in a copy of your confirmation number, so all there really is to do is double and triple check that everything was entered correctly, and pay your $35. The woman we worked with was surprised Marc was taking my surname, saying that rarely happens but it's the second groom she had do it this week. Once you have your license, you can sit back and watch the bride parade! Young and old, all in white- short dresses seemed to rule the day, despite the blizzard outside. I bet it would be fun to spend a whole day at the marriage bureau. You're probably not allowed, but I'd do it if I could!