Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding Party: The FASHION!

The final part of the Wedding Party was a fashion show, in two parts. The first was a Bridesmaid show from the Wedding Library. I had a hard time getting pictures of a lot of these dresses, as the models didn't do a great job of holding a pose, but I still managed to capture a few of my favorites:

The Short Straight style by twobirds. This is one of those dresses that wraps, where you can wear it about 15 billion ways. This model had hers with a slightly open X in the back, and it looked great.

Lela Rose. I think this look could even work for a bride! Think Vegas.

Next up, bridal fashion by VERA WANG. VERA MUTHAFUCKIN' WANG. I was so excited. I don't know how I ended up at a Vera Wang runway presentation, I'm not fancy enough to be in the same room as a Vera Wang gown, that's for certain. And yet, there they were! Every dress divine, every model KILLING IT- walking tall, proud and slow enough that you had a chance to drink in every detail.

Didi, Spring 2010 Collection. Get thee to the Vera Wang website to see this full length, incredible. I love that Vera will showcase a dress in a bright color even though she only sells it in white and ivory.

Look at all the detail! All those fluttery pieces- I have no idea what the proper name for them is, but they look like petals. Perhaps petals will be the new pickups? If Vera says so, it must be true.

Devon, Spring 2010 collection. I love this shrug- you know me, I love all shrugs, boleros, wraps. So classic and lovely (and this one better be, because it cost more than my wedding dress- yes, just the shrug). This is the last picture I got, because my camera decided to DIE ON ME. At a Vera Wang fashion show! How cruel is that? You need to get thee to the Vera Wang website and look at the Spring 2010 bridal collection to get the full collection. The dress on the bottom row on the right was my favorite- Diana! You should've seen her come down the aisle. Gorgeous!