Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Party: The decor

There were so many beautiful things to see at the Wedding Party- I only wish I had taken more pictures (of course, I ended up finding out that my camera had a limited lifespan, but more on that later).
A napkin display from I love the color grid!

A pretty in pink table by Macy's. I believe I overheard someone say that the china was by Martha Stewart. Is there anything Martha can't do?

How gorgeous is this table? Makes me wish I was doing a completely purple wedding. Sadly, I cannot remember who exactly put this display together- I believe it was Bentley Meeker (check out the weddings on their website, they are INSANE). If you know I'm wrong, please correct me! I give credit where credit is due.

I also saw a demonstration of a Smilebooth and I really want one. Can I afford it? Not really. Would it even work in our venue? Probably not, because the reception is down stairs and there's no elevator. Does any of that make me want one any less? Nooooooooooo. Pictures, pictures, pictures!