Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The RSVPs are rolling in

The invites we sent last week have mostly arrived. The RSVPs are beginning to trickle in to the website- it's all I can do not to stare and refresh the page all day long. I've also gotten plenty of verbal RSVPs, mostly from older people at church (although some have gone on to the website, too, so mad props to the Greatest Generation). Right this second, we're at 47 people who are coming, 7 people who can't make it, and 122 invites (not people, so, umm, yeah, we've got quite a guest list) that are still unknown. It's funny, I look at the list and think I know who will make it and who won't, but I think it's possible there are some surprises in store. An ex co-worker who I love moved to California a few months ago, but I wanted to send her an invite anyway just to let her know I cared. I talk to her online tonight, and what do I find out? She's moving back to New York AND she's reuniting with her ex (a guy I loved; I was heartbroken when they broke up)- just in time for the wedding! How about that! I've been stressed and a little down the past few days (nothing wedding related), but that warmed my heart. That and my sister's text from this afternoon- "Remember, always the brideZILLA, never the bride." We have a running joke via text, where she calls me a Bridezilla and I claim the title with relish. I'm certain that I'm not one, but it's fun to pretend.