Monday, February 15, 2010

Registry Incentives = Free Stuff

We got something else in the mail this weekend- one of our registry incentives! Have you looked into this? This is one of the coolest things. You register for certain stuff at stores, and just for registering for those things, the company sends you something for free! FREE STUFF! I love free stuff! And somehow, getting something for free just for making a list of other stuff you want people to buy you seems EXTRA COOL. Check out the incentives available anywhere you register- both Bed, Bath and Beyond or Williams-Sonoma were offering us some great incentives. We got a petite Le Creuset red casserole dish just for registering for 6 pieces of Le Creuset bakeware.

Vanna Kate.

You may be thinking, Kate, what are you going to do with a casserole dish that small? You are totally missing the point. It's free! And so adorable! Functionality is not required. Although I think that little pot could hold the perfect midnight snack's serving of any number of cheesy potato dishes. Or maybe it'll just sit on my dresser and hold all my rings. Who knows.

Little pot in the big pot.