Thursday, February 18, 2010

Possible Menu

A friend heard we were having a dessert reception, and passed along the name of a friend of hers who is a dessert caterer. Score! We had thought about self-catering from Costco and the local bakeries, but having someone in charge who knows what they're doing would take a load off my mind. We've been e-mailing back and forth, and today, she sent me the proposed menu. How good does this look??
Mini cupcakes (to contrast with the vanilla sheetcakes; choose 1)
- Devil's food w/Italian buttercream
- Red velvet with cream cheese frosting I love red velvet cake! My new dessert obsession.

- Rainbow (aka tri-color)
- Mini chocolate chip
- Vanilla spritz I had to Google what these are- nice!
- White chocolate oatmeal OMG favorite.
- Cherry almond biscotti

Brownie Bites

Cinnamon vanilla blondies w/white chocolate and almond

Scones (choose 2)
- Plain
- Cranberry Yessssssss!
- Lemon

Rugelach (choose 2)
- Chocolate
- Raspberry
- Brown sugar cinnamon Yessssssssssssss!

3 lbs Dark or Milk Chocolate Fudge

Fruit Platter For the healthy people, I approve. I like fruit as well.

I am so excited about this menu. Meeting in two weeks for a tasting and to nail down the contract. I can't waaaaaaaait. And Marc really can't wait. He loves dessert. Check out some assorted shots below he's taken of desserts we've eaten. You can feel the love radiate through the lens. If he didn't have me around to keep him in line. he'd probably weigh about 700 pounds.