Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ben & Jack's for your wedding dinner needs

Marc's roommate is a food & drink writer. I tell you, this is a good friend to have in your arsenal. She always knows what to drink, she always knows the bartender, and every now and again, she can get you into a killer event. Last week, she was invited to a press tasting at Ben & Jack's on Fifth Avenue, and invited me to join her. And I'm like, oh yeah, free dinner! I build my life around where the free food is. One reason I like my job? Lots of free food left over after events. My church does food every Sunday. Heck, I even like weddings because of the food.

We arrived during a light snow flurry. We were seated (away from the door, like I like- nothing worse than when you go a restaurant and they try to put you right in the draft) and handed menus. After briefly wondering if they remembered we were comped, we just said, oh well, we'll just order what we like and hang the consequences. We started with slices of beefsteak tomatoes and mozzarella, which I could eat all day long. I also had some incredibly hot French Onion soup that stayed hot for an incredibly long time. And then, STEAK. Sweet, buttery, rare filet mignon. With some 'taters and creamed spinach on the side. Top it all off with some lemon sorbet and a hot fudge sundae (off which we mostly just ate the whipped cream), and we were two very full girls.

After dinner, we had a chance to check out the private room upstairs. I don't think it was the steak telling me that this place would be a PERFECT wedding reception or rehearsal dinner location, for a party of practically any size. They have 5 rooms that can accommodate parties of 10 to 250- in seclusion. That's my favorite part- that I could have a party with just 9 other people, and still not have to listen to the people at the next table. Some of the rooms even had TV, if you didn't want to listen to the people you came with. If you're still looking for a wedding dinner spot, check out Ben and Jack's!