Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Away we go!

Invites are going out this week. I've been taking them to the mailbox in batches- mainly because I didn't think I could do all 150 at once without dropping some of them on the ground. Two months to go! I've never understood the wide range of proposed timelines for sending out wedding invitations. TheKnot.com's checklist was telling me to mail them at 3 months out, which I think is way too early (particularly for an early April wedding, since your card will arrive when people are still hungover from end of the year festivities). WeddingWire has the task listed under February. And Miss Manners says "four to six weeks prior to the wedding is acceptable in this age of scattered families and erratically discounted airfares". Four weeks? That seems way too late. I've already had a few friends subtly inquire about their invitation status, and they were relieved to learn that it wasn't that they weren't invited, it's just that we haven't mailed out invites yet. Can you imagine how nervous people would be if I waited until 4 weeks to sent out the invites? At that point I probably wouldn't have any friends left!