Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding Party: The FASHION!

The final part of the Wedding Party was a fashion show, in two parts. The first was a Bridesmaid show from the Wedding Library. I had a hard time getting pictures of a lot of these dresses, as the models didn't do a great job of holding a pose, but I still managed to capture a few of my favorites:

The Short Straight style by twobirds. This is one of those dresses that wraps, where you can wear it about 15 billion ways. This model had hers with a slightly open X in the back, and it looked great.

Lela Rose. I think this look could even work for a bride! Think Vegas.

Next up, bridal fashion by VERA WANG. VERA MUTHAFUCKIN' WANG. I was so excited. I don't know how I ended up at a Vera Wang runway presentation, I'm not fancy enough to be in the same room as a Vera Wang gown, that's for certain. And yet, there they were! Every dress divine, every model KILLING IT- walking tall, proud and slow enough that you had a chance to drink in every detail.

Didi, Spring 2010 Collection. Get thee to the Vera Wang website to see this full length, incredible. I love that Vera will showcase a dress in a bright color even though she only sells it in white and ivory.

Look at all the detail! All those fluttery pieces- I have no idea what the proper name for them is, but they look like petals. Perhaps petals will be the new pickups? If Vera says so, it must be true.

Devon, Spring 2010 collection. I love this shrug- you know me, I love all shrugs, boleros, wraps. So classic and lovely (and this one better be, because it cost more than my wedding dress- yes, just the shrug). This is the last picture I got, because my camera decided to DIE ON ME. At a Vera Wang fashion show! How cruel is that? You need to get thee to the Vera Wang website and look at the Spring 2010 bridal collection to get the full collection. The dress on the bottom row on the right was my favorite- Diana! You should've seen her come down the aisle. Gorgeous!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Party: The decor

There were so many beautiful things to see at the Wedding Party- I only wish I had taken more pictures (of course, I ended up finding out that my camera had a limited lifespan, but more on that later).
A napkin display from I love the color grid!

A pretty in pink table by Macy's. I believe I overheard someone say that the china was by Martha Stewart. Is there anything Martha can't do?

How gorgeous is this table? Makes me wish I was doing a completely purple wedding. Sadly, I cannot remember who exactly put this display together- I believe it was Bentley Meeker (check out the weddings on their website, they are INSANE). If you know I'm wrong, please correct me! I give credit where credit is due.

I also saw a demonstration of a Smilebooth and I really want one. Can I afford it? Not really. Would it even work in our venue? Probably not, because the reception is down stairs and there's no elevator. Does any of that make me want one any less? Nooooooooooo. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wedding Party: CAKE!

Thanks to the gang over at 100 Layer Cake, Marc and I had the chance to attend the Wedding Party yesterday at the New York Palace. What an incredible afternoon it was! I'm going to be blogging bits and pieces of the experience all week. First up, Marc's favorite part: the cake. That was the whole reason he wanted to go, was so he could eat cake. He worried beforehand, what if I get there and there is no cake?? A groom's nightmare. Thankfully, the sweets selection did not disappoint. It seemed every other vendor had some sort of cake, cupcake, candy, or chocolate to sample.

Gorgeous display from One Girl Cookies. Everything looked so beautiful, we weren't sure if we were allowed to sample, but they encouraged everyone who walked by to help themselves!

This was just a display- but the whole thing is edible, sugar flowers and all. You may recognize this from the cover of the Winter 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Cake by Sylvia Weinstock.

The in-house catering at the New York Palace.

Marc says, don't mind if I do!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Possible Menu

A friend heard we were having a dessert reception, and passed along the name of a friend of hers who is a dessert caterer. Score! We had thought about self-catering from Costco and the local bakeries, but having someone in charge who knows what they're doing would take a load off my mind. We've been e-mailing back and forth, and today, she sent me the proposed menu. How good does this look??
Mini cupcakes (to contrast with the vanilla sheetcakes; choose 1)
- Devil's food w/Italian buttercream
- Red velvet with cream cheese frosting I love red velvet cake! My new dessert obsession.

- Rainbow (aka tri-color)
- Mini chocolate chip
- Vanilla spritz I had to Google what these are- nice!
- White chocolate oatmeal OMG favorite.
- Cherry almond biscotti

Brownie Bites

Cinnamon vanilla blondies w/white chocolate and almond

Scones (choose 2)
- Plain
- Cranberry Yessssssss!
- Lemon

Rugelach (choose 2)
- Chocolate
- Raspberry
- Brown sugar cinnamon Yessssssssssssss!

3 lbs Dark or Milk Chocolate Fudge

Fruit Platter For the healthy people, I approve. I like fruit as well.

I am so excited about this menu. Meeting in two weeks for a tasting and to nail down the contract. I can't waaaaaaaait. And Marc really can't wait. He loves dessert. Check out some assorted shots below he's taken of desserts we've eaten. You can feel the love radiate through the lens. If he didn't have me around to keep him in line. he'd probably weigh about 700 pounds.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The RSVPs are rolling in

The invites we sent last week have mostly arrived. The RSVPs are beginning to trickle in to the website- it's all I can do not to stare and refresh the page all day long. I've also gotten plenty of verbal RSVPs, mostly from older people at church (although some have gone on to the website, too, so mad props to the Greatest Generation). Right this second, we're at 47 people who are coming, 7 people who can't make it, and 122 invites (not people, so, umm, yeah, we've got quite a guest list) that are still unknown. It's funny, I look at the list and think I know who will make it and who won't, but I think it's possible there are some surprises in store. An ex co-worker who I love moved to California a few months ago, but I wanted to send her an invite anyway just to let her know I cared. I talk to her online tonight, and what do I find out? She's moving back to New York AND she's reuniting with her ex (a guy I loved; I was heartbroken when they broke up)- just in time for the wedding! How about that! I've been stressed and a little down the past few days (nothing wedding related), but that warmed my heart. That and my sister's text from this afternoon- "Remember, always the brideZILLA, never the bride." We have a running joke via text, where she calls me a Bridezilla and I claim the title with relish. I'm certain that I'm not one, but it's fun to pretend.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Registry Incentives = Free Stuff

We got something else in the mail this weekend- one of our registry incentives! Have you looked into this? This is one of the coolest things. You register for certain stuff at stores, and just for registering for those things, the company sends you something for free! FREE STUFF! I love free stuff! And somehow, getting something for free just for making a list of other stuff you want people to buy you seems EXTRA COOL. Check out the incentives available anywhere you register- both Bed, Bath and Beyond or Williams-Sonoma were offering us some great incentives. We got a petite Le Creuset red casserole dish just for registering for 6 pieces of Le Creuset bakeware.

Vanna Kate.

You may be thinking, Kate, what are you going to do with a casserole dish that small? You are totally missing the point. It's free! And so adorable! Functionality is not required. Although I think that little pot could hold the perfect midnight snack's serving of any number of cheesy potato dishes. Or maybe it'll just sit on my dresser and hold all my rings. Who knows.

Little pot in the big pot.

Friday, February 12, 2010


We got our first wedding gift!! I can't believe it. NOW WE REALLY HAVE TO GET MARRIED.
Le Creuset, Le Creuset, how I love Le Creuset! I've never owned one before, and I am raring to go! Julia Child, here I come. The friend that sent it hasn't even gotten his invitation yet- he was discussing the wedding with another friend, who showed him our wedding website, and he just went ahead and bought it for us! His note with the gift said that if you care for cast iron, it will last a long time- kind of like a marriage. Awwwwwwww. I love you, GJ!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ben & Jack's for your wedding dinner needs

Marc's roommate is a food & drink writer. I tell you, this is a good friend to have in your arsenal. She always knows what to drink, she always knows the bartender, and every now and again, she can get you into a killer event. Last week, she was invited to a press tasting at Ben & Jack's on Fifth Avenue, and invited me to join her. And I'm like, oh yeah, free dinner! I build my life around where the free food is. One reason I like my job? Lots of free food left over after events. My church does food every Sunday. Heck, I even like weddings because of the food.

We arrived during a light snow flurry. We were seated (away from the door, like I like- nothing worse than when you go a restaurant and they try to put you right in the draft) and handed menus. After briefly wondering if they remembered we were comped, we just said, oh well, we'll just order what we like and hang the consequences. We started with slices of beefsteak tomatoes and mozzarella, which I could eat all day long. I also had some incredibly hot French Onion soup that stayed hot for an incredibly long time. And then, STEAK. Sweet, buttery, rare filet mignon. With some 'taters and creamed spinach on the side. Top it all off with some lemon sorbet and a hot fudge sundae (off which we mostly just ate the whipped cream), and we were two very full girls.

After dinner, we had a chance to check out the private room upstairs. I don't think it was the steak telling me that this place would be a PERFECT wedding reception or rehearsal dinner location, for a party of practically any size. They have 5 rooms that can accommodate parties of 10 to 250- in seclusion. That's my favorite part- that I could have a party with just 9 other people, and still not have to listen to the people at the next table. Some of the rooms even had TV, if you didn't want to listen to the people you came with. If you're still looking for a wedding dinner spot, check out Ben and Jack's!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Away we go!

Invites are going out this week. I've been taking them to the mailbox in batches- mainly because I didn't think I could do all 150 at once without dropping some of them on the ground. Two months to go! I've never understood the wide range of proposed timelines for sending out wedding invitations.'s checklist was telling me to mail them at 3 months out, which I think is way too early (particularly for an early April wedding, since your card will arrive when people are still hungover from end of the year festivities). WeddingWire has the task listed under February. And Miss Manners says "four to six weeks prior to the wedding is acceptable in this age of scattered families and erratically discounted airfares". Four weeks? That seems way too late. I've already had a few friends subtly inquire about their invitation status, and they were relieved to learn that it wasn't that they weren't invited, it's just that we haven't mailed out invites yet. Can you imagine how nervous people would be if I waited until 4 weeks to sent out the invites? At that point I probably wouldn't have any friends left!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cake Talk

The scene: Marc is sitting on the couch, looking through this month's Brides magazine. I'm sitting at my computer.

Marc: You know, dear, what's going to be really hard once we get married? I mean really really REALLY hard?

Kate: What?

Marc: Keeping cake in the freezer for a whole year and not touching it.

Kate: Whaaaat? We're not going to do that.

Marc: We're not?

Kate: No, of course not.

Marc: So I can bring home all the cake and eat it before the honeymoon?

Kate: Of course.

Marc: You're the best, dear! That's why I'm marrying you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To book or not to book?

Last summer, we were visiting Marc's parents in Colorado. I love going out to the suburbs- that's civilized country. Chain restaurants and strip malls as far as the eye can see. That's something I miss living in New York. First thing I do when I get off a plane is go to Wal-Mart and Chili's. Anyway, I had heard that there was Martha Stewart Wedding stuff at Big Lots, so we popped in one day. Among other things, I was able to pick up a simple, classic white guestbook for $1. Score! Checked it off the list. Thank you, Martha.

Of course, part of giving Martha her due is recognizing that I am no Martha. I wish I was, truly I did. When I got laid off earlier this year, I figured I'd use my free days to turn my house into a domestic paradise. Guess what? No, I didn't. My house stayed in roughly the same condition it's in when I'm employed. Because that's how much I care. The only thing I cannot stand is clutter. I am constantly fighting the battle against having too much stuff, and in a small NYC apartment, the battle is constant. There's nowhere for stuff to hide. Given that I am planning a wedding, I now have mountains of wedding materials all over my apartment. And it's driving me crazy. I can't wait to get all this stuff out of my house!

Which brings me to the topic of the guest book- am I really going to look through it after the wedding is over? Probably not. Is it just going to sit in some box or on some shelf taking up space? Probably. I'm not all that in love with it- it is what it is, a plain simple book. And do people really enjoy signing the book when they go to weddings? I've been to a decent number of weddings, but I've never heard someone yell, "Ooo, the GUESTBOOK!" with the same enthusiasm they reserve for the bride or the cake or the bar. I'm tempted to cut it. Weighing the regret of not doing it versus the annoyance of having to lug the thing around for the rest of my life. Amazingly, knowing me, I think it's the latter that will bug me more.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Give My Regards to Broadway

One of my wedding day dreams is to get away after the reception for a little while to do some city shots. Any spring or summer Saturday, you see brides and grooms out and about in the city, getting great shots in Central Park, next to the Brooklyn Bridge, or outside The Plaza. Kella MacPhee featured a couple awhile back who went to my #1 dream photo spot- Times Square! This might ruin my New Yorker cred, but I love Times Square. The lights, the colors, the excitement! People from all over the world standing around, captivated. All sorts of New York weirdos running around, trying to get their money. And me, sitting on the steps of the new TKTS booth, watching it all while I kill time before seeing a Broadway show or meeting a friend for dinner. I can think of no better place to be in love. The Naked Cowboy agrees- he wants to open a Times Square Wedding Chapel! A Times Square full of brides 24/7- now that's an idea that wins my vote.