Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Have Stamps!

I finally bit the bullet and bought the stamps for our invitations, since they're mostly addressed in anticipation of being sent out in about three weeks. I don't know what I was waiting for- the fear that the USPS would suddenly raise rates? It seems they do that a lot! I remember when you could send a letter for 24 cents. And now it's 44 cents! That's still really cheap. Sometimes, I am in awe of modern technology. For less than a dollar, I can send a piece of paper from my neighborhood to pretty much anywhere IN THE WORLD. And they'll bring the responses right to my house! Incredible! I couldn't decide on just one stamp, so I went for a few different things.
First up, the Grand Teton National Park international stamp. International invites go out this week! That's probably a little early for the faster countries, like Canada and the UK, but I figure some of the other invites (Brazil, China, Romania) will definitely need the head start.
Next up, the Wedding Rings first class stamp. I figure I'll use these for the traditional crowd- my grandparents and aunts, the old ladies at church.

How fun are these Celebrate first class stamps? I couldn't resist these, for the younger crowd- I'm saying, hey! We're getting married! You better celebrate!
Last but not least, the Nature of America: Kelp Forest first class set. The sheet itself is a picture, and on each sheet, 10 pictures of fish or wildlife pop out. Isn't that cute? I have some science-minded friends who I think would enjoy getting a wedding invite with an otter on it.

And best of all, I was able to order all of these from the comfort of my own home on USPS.com. I am never going to the post office for stamps AGAIN. Can't believe I used to stand in line for an hour every holiday season to get fancy stamps! Oh, I love the internet.