Saturday, January 9, 2010

Real Weddings: CJ & Ashley

Like many other Knotties, I enjoy a little "real wedding porn" every now and then (ugh, but can we please start calling it something else??) Any time someone on a message board posts a link to pictures of their wedding, I have to look. It's very rare to see someone I know staring back at me in the pictures. But that's exactly what happened in this case! Ashley was a fellow poster on what was then called the "Planning & Etiquette" board. She dropped a link, and what groom do I see staring back at me in the pictures? CJ, a guy I knew in high school! Picture Ashley sitting in front of her computer, waiting for the compliments to roll in, and the first comment on her post is, I KNOW YOUR HUSBAND. Ominous. But I quickly explained that I knew him from high school, we did some shows together, had some classes together and were even the founding members of the fan club for our math teacher ("McKee's Radicals: Mr. McKee is #10 to the 0 power"), so I know what a great guy he is. And how gorgeous were their Las Vegas nuptials? All photos by Randi Anzevino of Reflective Souls Photography. Vegas, vegas, here I come!