Monday, January 4, 2010

The Name Game

My best Christmas gift was a white jeweled "Soon to Be Mrs." hoodie from my sister. The part that makes it the best is that it includes my current last name. The perfect gift for a bride-to-be who's keeping her name, no? We joked that it could also make a good gift for my mother. Isn't it strange than no matter who changes their name when they get married, somebody turns into somebody else's parent? Marc is taking my last name, which makes him the same "Mr." as my father. Weeeeeird.

People keep asking (and by people, I mean my mother, over and over again) how we decided that Marc would take my last name. It was pretty easy. I wanted to keep my last name, because I like it (it's very rare- pretty much all the people in the US with it are related to me). Marc wanted us to have a family name and didn't feel particularly tied to his last name. And New York state is one of the few where a man can change his name through a marriage license as easily as a woman. So that was that.

I haven't heard too many negative opinions of this decision (although I'm not sure the word is totally out yet). My grandfather was pretty confused, but I'll give anyone over 80 a pass. And what I find particularly funny is that anyone who meets us in the future will see our matching last names and assume that I took Marc's last name. A revolutionary in disguise!