Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Image of Me

There was a great thread the other day on TheKnot where people shared their best dress advice. My favorite was definitely "Everyone has an image of how your should look on your wedding day, but the one that matters is the one you have of yourself." I have very set ideas about what I like and don't like. For example, I'm not big on letting it all hang out in a strapless gown. They often don't fit me right, I feel like they cut me off and make me look short, and I prefer to be in something that's covering my shoulders. The dress I ended up buying is strapless but comes with a long-sleeved lace jacket. Perfection! I had imagined I would crop the jacket, but once I saw the pictures of the full look, I was transfixed. Grace Kelly, the classic bride! Perfect for me- getting married in my church, taking on this next adult step in my life. I realize this isn't the dream look for everyone. But their opinions aren't important to me. I don't understand the brides I see on message boards posting pictures of themselves in 10 dresses and saying, ok, strangers of the internet, pick my wedding look for me! Are these the same people who end up turning to the internet to name their children? When it comes to things of that nature, I want full editorial control. Because in the end, I'm the one who has to be happy with how I look on my wedding day. Everyone else will be fine, a bride is never ugly to others on her wedding day. Which is why I'm focusing on making sure I'm happy with how I look. Sorry, internet voters, you'll have to save your opinions on another bride!