Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are you on The List? Let me know.

I'm so glad we didn't do Save The Dates, because now that I'm addressing invitations, I'm adding or removing somebody from our guest list every other day. I hear other brides complain about people assuming they're invited to the wedding, but honestly, I could use a little help in knowing who really wants to come and who's going to open the invitation and say, oh @#&%, another social obligation.

I consider myself a laid-back bride, and I think it's safe to say we're putting together a modest affair, and part of the reason we wanted to do that was so we wouldn't have any limitations on who we invite. But then I wonder if people read more into wedding invitations than I think they do. If I'm sending someone a wedding invitation, it's because I like them well enough (or I'm socially obligated- come on, you know you have a few of those, too) and I would like them to be in attendance at my wedding if being there would make them happy. That's it. But what if some of the people I don't know well but like a lot assume that I'm inviting them because I want a gift, or need to fill seats, or something? And then what if someone I assume doesn't want to come actually does, and gets hurt that I don't invite them? I can't lie, sometimes I see friends' wedding pictures on Facebook and wonder why they didn't invite me. We're not talking about weddings I would have gone to, but I hate feeling left out.

I'm probably over-thinking it. I'm sure it'll all turn out OK. That said, if there's anybody out there who I have yet to put on my guest list who wants to come, this is my plea to the universe that they show their interest in the next few weeks, or before I run out of invites, whichever comes first.