Friday, January 29, 2010

Stamp of Approval

Starting to the get the invites organized for stamping and sealing. WHY AM I SENDING OUT SO MANY INVITES? Oh right, because I love all these people. It's a good thing, because sorting the piles alone exhausted me. I addressed over the course of a few days, so this is the first time I'm seeing all the invites stacked together. Already think I need another sheet or two of stamps.

Meanwhile, Twinkie did her part to help the stamping process. No, Twinkie, that wasn't the kind of stamping I was talking about.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shower Time?

Ok, so this entry is for my online friends only. Real-life friends, stop reading now! There's some general whining that I need to get out, and I want to do it without feeling like it will be interpreted as a passive-aggressive cry for help.

Are you gone?

Ok. So, no one here in NYC has made any grand moves toward throwing me a shower, and I can't lie, I'm a little bummed about it. I'll throw a shower anytime, anywhere, for anyone. Proper etiquette says that people can't ask for showers (perfectly understandable!), so I want to be there to host for my friends. Unfortunately, most of the people who would definitely have been there for me moved away in the past year. My Maid of Honor lives in Florida (and she did host a small family luncheon for me back in December, which was lovely), along with all of my extended family. I have some other friends here, but nobody's clearly stated "Oh yes, I will definitely throw you a shower". I had one friend show a little interest, but she seemed to be waiting for me to take the lead, which I really can't do, because I can't exactly host my own shower.

It's not the end of the world, I already had one lovely shower with my family. And it's not even about gifts, it's more about feeling like somebody cares enough about me to put a little shower together. I'm sensitive about parties, I always have been- from a young age, I always felt like other people always had people throwing them parties and that never happened for me. And maybe it's because I act like I don't care because I don't want to be a spoiled brat, but on the other hand, who doesn't love a party? I feel like it's going to the come to the wedding day, and people will be like, why didn't you have a shower? And I'll have to be like, because I have no friends, I'm a looooooooooooooser.

Watch, I'll find out in two days that there is a shower in the works for me and then I'll feel like a jerk instead of a loser.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Image of Me

There was a great thread the other day on TheKnot where people shared their best dress advice. My favorite was definitely "Everyone has an image of how your should look on your wedding day, but the one that matters is the one you have of yourself." I have very set ideas about what I like and don't like. For example, I'm not big on letting it all hang out in a strapless gown. They often don't fit me right, I feel like they cut me off and make me look short, and I prefer to be in something that's covering my shoulders. The dress I ended up buying is strapless but comes with a long-sleeved lace jacket. Perfection! I had imagined I would crop the jacket, but once I saw the pictures of the full look, I was transfixed. Grace Kelly, the classic bride! Perfect for me- getting married in my church, taking on this next adult step in my life. I realize this isn't the dream look for everyone. But their opinions aren't important to me. I don't understand the brides I see on message boards posting pictures of themselves in 10 dresses and saying, ok, strangers of the internet, pick my wedding look for me! Are these the same people who end up turning to the internet to name their children? When it comes to things of that nature, I want full editorial control. Because in the end, I'm the one who has to be happy with how I look on my wedding day. Everyone else will be fine, a bride is never ugly to others on her wedding day. Which is why I'm focusing on making sure I'm happy with how I look. Sorry, internet voters, you'll have to save your opinions on another bride!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Over there, Over there, send the word, send the word, over there!

Mailed the international invites. And my sister's invite to Florida, because I told her that was her birthday present (Happy Birthday, Sarah!) EEEEEEE. They're out there! Look out, China, Romania, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom and Canada! Your invites are coming! And yes, I'm talking about the WHOLE COUNTRY. Hope we registered for enough stuff.

I have the rest of my stamps sitting with the invitations. Stamps are so pretty- is it because they're money on paper? It could be more than that- I love the Kelp Fish stamps we ended up buying, the little sea creatures are SO cute! I'm so excited about putting the stamps on the rest of the invites that I'm putting it off- delayed gratification! Plus, like I said before I bought them, you never know with the USPS. Do you know after I bought the stamps online, they held the package at the post office for signature?? Not sure if they "tried" to deliver it and failed (despite Marc always being here), but yeah, he ended up having to go to the post office to pick up the stamps I bought online to save us from having to go to the post office. Oh well. I tried.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bridal Dress Up Time!

I played bride dress up the other night for the first time in a long time. Every now and then I like to remind myself that I am the most beeeeeuutiful bride in the world. A few observations:

*I am unable to zip my gown up myself. I suppose this is what people have attendants for!
*There is a SMALL STAIN ON MY GOWN! CALL 911! It's a teeny, tiny copper smudge near the bottom. I noticed it right when I was pulling the dress on. Hopefully they can get it out during alterations.
*In other bad news, I noticed some little rips and holes in my mother's veil. I suppose that's to be expected, since it's over 25 years old, but it's still a bummer. Will not play with it anymore until the wedding!
*Speaking of alterations, I really need to call and make my appointment(s) this week. I definitely need a bustle, and I think I'm going to need a little nipping around the waist. Thankfully, I think the length is perfect!
*I also need to work on making sure my shoes are worn in- the bottoms look pretty slick. Perhaps wear them around the block a few times during dog walks?
*Still trying to figure out how exactly I'm going to style myself for the day. I'm set for the ceremony- the long-sleeved bolero that came with the dress and my traditional veils. I love this look, I feel so Grace Kelly. But I still think it might be fun to switch things up as the day goes by. Do I take off the veils and put in the flower I bought? Do I take off the jacket, do I buy a new short-sleeved jacket, do I grab a pashmina, what? I suppose I have all day to do things, I could do one change an hour! Like some sort of award show host- look at this, look at this, look at this.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Have Stamps!

I finally bit the bullet and bought the stamps for our invitations, since they're mostly addressed in anticipation of being sent out in about three weeks. I don't know what I was waiting for- the fear that the USPS would suddenly raise rates? It seems they do that a lot! I remember when you could send a letter for 24 cents. And now it's 44 cents! That's still really cheap. Sometimes, I am in awe of modern technology. For less than a dollar, I can send a piece of paper from my neighborhood to pretty much anywhere IN THE WORLD. And they'll bring the responses right to my house! Incredible! I couldn't decide on just one stamp, so I went for a few different things.
First up, the Grand Teton National Park international stamp. International invites go out this week! That's probably a little early for the faster countries, like Canada and the UK, but I figure some of the other invites (Brazil, China, Romania) will definitely need the head start.
Next up, the Wedding Rings first class stamp. I figure I'll use these for the traditional crowd- my grandparents and aunts, the old ladies at church.

How fun are these Celebrate first class stamps? I couldn't resist these, for the younger crowd- I'm saying, hey! We're getting married! You better celebrate!
Last but not least, the Nature of America: Kelp Forest first class set. The sheet itself is a picture, and on each sheet, 10 pictures of fish or wildlife pop out. Isn't that cute? I have some science-minded friends who I think would enjoy getting a wedding invite with an otter on it.

And best of all, I was able to order all of these from the comfort of my own home on I am never going to the post office for stamps AGAIN. Can't believe I used to stand in line for an hour every holiday season to get fancy stamps! Oh, I love the internet.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The new Miss Manners wedding book

A friend just gave me a fabulous treat- the new Miss Manners wedding book!

She didn't even know that I am a HUGE MISS MANNERS FAN, she just figured that it might be appropriate for me as a bride-to-be. Or maybe it was a hint. I don't know. However it got here, I don't care, I'm a happy girl! Thank you Margaret! I love you Miss Manners!

I'm sure once I get down to reading it, I'll have lots of share with you :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's going on? Nothing.

This is one of those weeks where there really isn't much wedding stuff going on. We're doing a little here and there- I'm still collecting addresses and putting invitations together, and we booked a restaurant for our family to eat dinner at after the wedding. But my mind is elsewhere- work, church work, staying warm from the cold. It's strange, part of me is like, ahh, it's coming so fast, slow down time! And another part is like, ugh, it's so far away, there's stuff I want to do that I can't, hurry up time, bring it closer!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Real Weddings: CJ & Ashley

Like many other Knotties, I enjoy a little "real wedding porn" every now and then (ugh, but can we please start calling it something else??) Any time someone on a message board posts a link to pictures of their wedding, I have to look. It's very rare to see someone I know staring back at me in the pictures. But that's exactly what happened in this case! Ashley was a fellow poster on what was then called the "Planning & Etiquette" board. She dropped a link, and what groom do I see staring back at me in the pictures? CJ, a guy I knew in high school! Picture Ashley sitting in front of her computer, waiting for the compliments to roll in, and the first comment on her post is, I KNOW YOUR HUSBAND. Ominous. But I quickly explained that I knew him from high school, we did some shows together, had some classes together and were even the founding members of the fan club for our math teacher ("McKee's Radicals: Mr. McKee is #10 to the 0 power"), so I know what a great guy he is. And how gorgeous were their Las Vegas nuptials? All photos by Randi Anzevino of Reflective Souls Photography. Vegas, vegas, here I come!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are you on The List? Let me know.

I'm so glad we didn't do Save The Dates, because now that I'm addressing invitations, I'm adding or removing somebody from our guest list every other day. I hear other brides complain about people assuming they're invited to the wedding, but honestly, I could use a little help in knowing who really wants to come and who's going to open the invitation and say, oh @#&%, another social obligation.

I consider myself a laid-back bride, and I think it's safe to say we're putting together a modest affair, and part of the reason we wanted to do that was so we wouldn't have any limitations on who we invite. But then I wonder if people read more into wedding invitations than I think they do. If I'm sending someone a wedding invitation, it's because I like them well enough (or I'm socially obligated- come on, you know you have a few of those, too) and I would like them to be in attendance at my wedding if being there would make them happy. That's it. But what if some of the people I don't know well but like a lot assume that I'm inviting them because I want a gift, or need to fill seats, or something? And then what if someone I assume doesn't want to come actually does, and gets hurt that I don't invite them? I can't lie, sometimes I see friends' wedding pictures on Facebook and wonder why they didn't invite me. We're not talking about weddings I would have gone to, but I hate feeling left out.

I'm probably over-thinking it. I'm sure it'll all turn out OK. That said, if there's anybody out there who I have yet to put on my guest list who wants to come, this is my plea to the universe that they show their interest in the next few weeks, or before I run out of invites, whichever comes first.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Name Game

My best Christmas gift was a white jeweled "Soon to Be Mrs." hoodie from my sister. The part that makes it the best is that it includes my current last name. The perfect gift for a bride-to-be who's keeping her name, no? We joked that it could also make a good gift for my mother. Isn't it strange than no matter who changes their name when they get married, somebody turns into somebody else's parent? Marc is taking my last name, which makes him the same "Mr." as my father. Weeeeeird.

People keep asking (and by people, I mean my mother, over and over again) how we decided that Marc would take my last name. It was pretty easy. I wanted to keep my last name, because I like it (it's very rare- pretty much all the people in the US with it are related to me). Marc wanted us to have a family name and didn't feel particularly tied to his last name. And New York state is one of the few where a man can change his name through a marriage license as easily as a woman. So that was that.

I haven't heard too many negative opinions of this decision (although I'm not sure the word is totally out yet). My grandfather was pretty confused, but I'll give anyone over 80 a pass. And what I find particularly funny is that anyone who meets us in the future will see our matching last names and assume that I took Marc's last name. A revolutionary in disguise!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Naked Peggies Cake Topper

It just occurred to me that I haven't shown you our cake topper yet! I can't believe I would forget something like that, particularly considering how in love with it I am. It sits on my desk every day, and I often pick us up and play with us. I briefly substituted us in my nativity set for Joseph and Mary- we looked very out of place there in the stable in our formal clothes.

We purchased the topper from the Naked Peggies shop on Etsy- we sent in pictures of ourselves and what we'd be wearing on the big day, and she hit it right on the head! We're so cute.