Monday, December 7, 2009

A Wedding That's Very Mii

Marc's roommate got the WiiFit and the WiiBoard, so our past few Friday nights have been devoted to playing WiiSports. This is much better for us, I'm sure, then the usual Friday night routine of laying perfectly still, stuffing our faces. Actually, I did both tonight, and the game playing is definitely better. Though not after the face stuffing, that was definitely a bad choice. I had to lay on my left side for a little while before I was truly ready for game playing.

Our Miis!

I was thinking, what with all the viral wedding performances going around, why hasn't any done a Mii wedding? Put it up on the screen, have them do some sort of dance or activity? Think of that hula hoop game where you shake your butt around. That could be fun in a wedding gown! And after your performance is done, your guests could play with the Wii. Just thinking of crazy ideas for you, dear readers.