Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The thing about babies

I just found out that my aunt is hosting a bridal shower luncheon for me in Florida when I'm home visiting the family. Yay! That'll be nice- just a small group of the ladies of the family, and possibly a friend or two. I mentioned to my mother that a friend has a baby about the same age as my cousin's baby, and that they could play together (or, more likely, stare at each other), but my mother said, Oh, well, there won't be any babies at the shower, they aren't invited.

Lil' cousin and me!

I forget that a lot of people keep wedding events child-free. Our church is very laid-back about children. We don't even have childcare during the Sunday service, so you often hear little noises throughout the service. I've gotten used to it. We never thought about not inviting children to our wedding. For starters, we really don't know all that many small children. It would be one thing if we knew dozens, but of all the guests on our list, there were only 5-10 little children (and I define little as "anyone not yet practiced at sitting still for an hour"). We're having an afternoon wedding with a dessert reception, so there's no big formal to-do for a child to ruin. And honestly, it's not little babies who are the biggest trouble-makers. It's toddlers. A baby sits on a lap, sleeping or drooling or chewing on something, and is perfectly content most of the time- and if they're unhappy, whatever, you run them out of the room. A toddler, no matter what mood they're in, wants to run around and bang cars on the pews and talk loud. I see a lot of people worrying about babies on message boards, but if you're going to choose to focus your worry, focus on the 2-year old, not the 2-month old.

I hope there won't be any major breakdowns during our wedding. But hey, if it happens, it happens. You can't control the weather, and you can't control a two-year old. Of all the things I've chosen to worry about (and there are many, the latest one being "Why are my eye bags looking so big?" and "Gee, I'd sure like some money to fall from the sky"), this is one I can't be bothered by. Worse comes to worst, I throw a tantrum that outshines them all. I'M THE BRIDE I'M THE BRIDE I'M THE BRIIIIIIIIIIIDE GIMME THAT CANDY.