Friday, December 4, 2009

Ring Dishes on Etsy

We're not having a ring-bearer, but I still like the idea of displaying our rings in a special way before and during our wedding ceremony. Ring dishes were something I had never heard of before I started reading wedding blogs, but I think they are so adorable. Search "wedding ring dish" on Etsy for 10,000 examples.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing to do with a ring dish, but that didn't stop me from asking Marc to get me one for Christmas (asking people for wedding stuff for Christmas = killing two birds with one stone; I love killing birds). A day or two later, he showed me what he chose for my approval- clearly, we're a couple not big on surprises. It's generally a rare thing for either of us to unwrap a gift we didn't personally pick out and see before the wrapping. Fine by me, I like to get what I want! And he did such a great job- he chose something I had never seen before, the Hugs and Kisses Ring Bowls from BaileyBowls on Etsy. How adorable are these little bunnies? Ours will be custom with our names. I love the idea of having two dishes! I can see them sitting up on the altar before the wedding, each ring in its bowl. And we'll be able to use them after the wedding on our dressers, for jewelry and coins and special trinkets.