Monday, December 14, 2009

Colors of the Wind

I got an e-mail from the aunt planning my bridal shower this weekend asking about my "color schemes". Eeeeeeeee. I don't know. I never fully committed to a color scheme for the wedding. I sort of took things as they came. Many months ago, a sweet girl on The Knot was offering inspiration boards, so I told her a bit about my wedding and the things I was imagining for the ceremony, and she made me the board below. That girl, by the way, shortly thereafter started a wedding inspiration-board blog The Perfect Palette, a blog I still have in my RSS reader.

I love the classic, traditional look of this inspiration board. It fits very well with my vision of our wedding ceremony- light colors, everything very natural, very earthy, but still very sophisticated.

That said, I'm not married (pun intended, yuk yuk) to that board. I'm incorporating other colors elsewhere- like our purple pom-poms, and our rainbow candy buffet (which I'll show you another day). My wardrobe is the same way- there's a definite foundation (black), but I like to bring in whatever colors I can. Pops of colors. POP. POP. And what pop will I be feeling for the shower? I don't know. It is a mystery!