Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Changing My Mind on Bridal Attire

I made my bridal attire decisions early. Bought my dress in December 2008, and all my accessories in the following months. I imagined that I would have two bridal looks- a long-sleeved jacket and a veil for the ceremony, and a short-sleeved jacket and a fascinator for the reception. Individually, I love all the pieces I bought. But the more I look at pictures of everything together, the more I don't think the reception look works. The pieces I bought just don't go together. Or maybe it's that I don't love the reception look as much as I love the ceremony look, which is SO perfect. I'm generally a very stubborn person, and I don't like to change my mind, but I may just have to in this instance. One look is enough for a bride, no? I'll probably wait until the last minute to truly decide. This is the sort of thing I wish I had family in the area for!