Friday, December 25, 2009

Bridesmaid dress shopping

My beautiful cousin and maid of honor Heather lives here in Florida, so while we're down for the holiday, we popped over to Nordstrom to see if we could find a dress for her to wear for the wedding. That's the good thing about having one attendant- major flexibility when it comes to what they wear. I knew what I didn't want, but was pretty open when it came to the idea of what I did want. With the help of a shopping assistant, we ran all over the Formal section and found all sorts of things to try on.

I loved the color of this one, but the ruffly cut wasn't very flattering in the tummy area, and the overall style didn't wouldn't match with my dress very well.

This dress looked pretty cute on the hanger, but on? No, no, no. Waaaay too Mother of the Bride for this young lady. Plus, I wasn't crazy about black in the first place (I already told my mother I'd rather she not wear black to the wedding), and this confirmed that. That big smile was part of our hysterical laughter about this one.

The color and cut of this was so great (I'm so into purple right now), but in the end, we decided this was more appropriate for a cocktail party then a wedding.

Getting closer! After we saw this, we knew long was going to be the way to go. So sophisticated.

The winner! Calvin Klein. Love the bright blue color, the flow, the length, the pleats. I truly do believe that she could wear this again (though doesn't ever bride think that? Allow me to labor under this delusion). And if she doesn't, I will!

Sassy shoes to go with! Jessica Simpson.

One more thing done! This whole thing is actually coming together, it's wild. 106 days to go. Lawd, have mercy!