Monday, November 30, 2009

Trial with Ten Hair and Makeup

I had a hair and makeup trial with Tricia Catenaro from Ten Hair & Makeup on Saturday. Marc, my sister and I went out to her apartment in White Plains, where we were greeted with bad reality TV, clementine oranges, and a cute canine. These are a few of my favorite things!
Here's my before picture. I cannot even believe I'm sharing this picture with you! Truly terrible. My eyes are generally not quite so puffy; it was all the holiday merriment that did me in!

Tricia goes to work on my hair while Willow and I hang out.

Makeup done! Love the bright eyes and the muted lips. Exactly the romantic look I'm going for. I'll want to wear some fake lashes on the day of, but we didn't do those on Saturday.

Shots of the hair!

The trial wasn't the only thing I did on Saturday. Afterwards, we took the train into Grand Central, and went ice skating for an hour in Bryant Park. Great rink- Marc and I went late one Saturday night last year, and had a ball then, too. There were a lot more bad skaters on the ice during this year's daytime visit (not just children- some of the parents were lousy, too, and a full grown man skating with his girlfriend nearly pulled me down during a shaky bit). Then, we went back to my house and I cooked our All Potato Feast in a broiling hot kitchen for an hour. Taking all this into consideration, I think my makeup held up remarkably well.

So I'm sold! I sent in my request to book. It's weird, I didn't imagine I would book anyone at all for makeup, and I figured I would go to a salon for hair, but now that it's all set, I'm very much looking forward to not having to run around the morning of the wedding. Instead, I'll be home, with my dog, my music, my friends, and some bagel and lox. A bride's paradise!