Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Sister is Here!

One bad thing about planning my wedding in NYC is that none of the rest of my family lives here. They're all down in various parts of Florida. I'm enjoying wedding planning, but I know without a doubt it would be more fun if my family was here to help me out. This is just one reason I am so glad that my youngest sister Sarah is here for Thanksgiving!

We are going to have a ball. We have some wedding stuff lined up- hair and makeup trial on Saturday, a few dress-up sessions in my dress, one at a bridal store to get her opinion on a crinoline, maybe some department store makeup counter visits. We're also seeing a Broadway show (White Christmas), making our very first trip to the Macy's Parade, having Thanksgiving dinner with some dear friends, going ice skating, and most importantly, having our first ever All Potato Thanksgiving Feast. The name is somewhat misleading- we're not doing it on Thanksgiving proper, and we are allowing a few non-potato items to sneak in, but the purpose of the event is a celebration of our favorite food on earth, the Potato, so the name fits. I can taste them now!

This picture is several years old (notice my shaved head!), and it's my favorite picture of the two us. I love our faces, and the fact that the picture contains a version of our favorite food, the Potato.