Saturday, November 7, 2009

My cushion cut engagement ring

As I've said before, Marc and I are big planners, so it shouldn't have surprised me about a year into our relationship when I found out Marc was saving for an engagement ring. I suppose I shouldn't get a big head, he didn't say he was saving for an engagement ring FOR ME. Could've been anyone! And honestly, that was fine by me at the time, I wasn't ready to get married yet.

When we were ready to get married, it was nice knowing that he had already thought about and planned for my engagement ring. He was a big fan of the Diamond Forums at, and I quickly jumped in, looking around for diamond info and lots and lots of diamond "porn". They have a 180 page "Eye Candy" thread, a browser's paradise. I looked through every page of that thread, hoping something would catch my eye, and it did!

panda08's engagement ring

Before Pricescope, I didn't know much about cushion cut diamonds, but after seeing a few pictures I was HOOKED. Definitely needed one of those beauties! I loved that they had such a classic look, but still felt unique, because they aren't featured in rings as often as other cuts. We looked around at some retail stores, but many don't carry cushion cut diamonds, and the ones that do generally don't have much of a selection. Tiffany just added a gorgeous cushion cut ring to their lineup, but theirs is square, and I wanted something with more like the one I saw in panda08's pictures. Plus, we knew from doing our research that the best way to get the most stone for your money was to pick your stone first and then have it mounted.

So off we went to the Diamond District one terribly cold January Saturday. A lot of vendors were closed for the Jewish Sabbath, but thankfully we were able to find one that was open. We chatted for awhile with a woman at Blauweiss/Berkowitz, telling her what we were hoping to spend and showing her pictures of the ring I liked so much. She knew she could help us, and set us up with an appointment for the following Saturday (because she had to do her research and pull diamonds for us out of the vault).

Waiting a week to see the diamonds was pure torture, but finally the day came and we were back. They had pulled about 6 stones for us, and we looked at them from smallest to largest in carat weight. The most important thing to me was the look of the cut; I wanted something between a rectangle and a square, something soft, something that really looked like a fat overstuffed couch cushion. The first 5 stones were almost there, but not quite (some were too square, some were too rectangular), and I began to worry that we weren't going to find our stone, but the 6th stone! PERFECTION. And it happened to be the biggest stone we saw, what a coincidence. I can't lie- for the money we were spending, I wanted the biggest stone we could get. I was willing to compromise on some of the other Cs, particularly color, to get more carat weight. The stone we picked was a J, which is about as far down the color scale jewelers recommend going, but that didn't bother me. I actually sort of liked the warmth in the color of the stone; I thought it gave the stone personality.

So, we shook hands and Marc signed the papers to set up the wire transfer, and about a week later, we got to go pick up the ring! I put it on my finger, came home to stare at it, and have been staring ever since. Of course, I took a break to make sure to share lots of pics with my friends over at Pricescope. Now if you'll excuse me, I've been writing this entry for some time, I have to go take a rock staring break.

A picture my friend Jan took a few months ago- love it!