Monday, November 16, 2009

Honeymoon, Here We Come!

We've had the hardest time figuring out a honeymoon destination. There are just too many places in this world. Seriously. I think there should be just one of every kind of place (beach, city, mountain) and that's that. Saves us all the trouble of having to make tough honeymoon decisions.

When I first started imagining our honeymoon, I knew I wanted to go somewhere warm, where I could shed my coat after a long, grey winter and get some sun on my face. I first thought of something like this:

Bora Bora! So gorgeous. But as I looked into it, I realized that there's probably not enough to do in Bora Bora to keep us entertained. We are New Yorkers, after all; we get bored easy. A Mariachi Band in full party gear walks into our subway car and starts singing "De Colores", and we turn our heads and wonder, gee, do I still have that Lean Cuisine in the freezer?

So then, I started thinking about Hawaii.
Photobucket, how appropriate.
Hawaii has stuff going on! Like waves. My parents lives in Tampa Bay, which is a fine place to live, but one thing that's sad about Tampa is that there's no surf. You wade into the water and the water carefully kisses your kneecaps. Forget that, I want to be knocked over, spun around a few times, and thrown back onto the shore. I want to be picking sand out of my teeth for weeks. So we start looking at airfares and eeeee, flying to Hawaii from NYC is a long flight and pretty expensive, particularly for two people who were hit hard by the economy (I was unemployed for six months, and Marc saw his freelance business all but dry up). We want somewhere warm, somewhere where there's stuff to do, and we want it to be affordable. This is all but impossible.

UNTIL! My beautiful, wonderful, generous aunt and uncle swoop in and offer us use of their timeshare property, anywhere we want to go! They are so nice- they did the same for my sister last year, too, and their sons in years past. This amazing gift not only saves us a ton of cash, but helps narrow down the 10 billion honeymoon options into a more reasonable 4 million or so.

As we get off the phone, my Aunt mentions, oh hey, there's a really nice opening at the Marriott Grand Chateau on the strip in Las Vegas, you should think about that. My initial response is, oh, well, Vegas is fun, but we've been already- we went back in 2006, right after we started dating, to see two friends get married with The King. Been there, done that. We got to thinking about it, though, and there's a lot of things we didn't get to do last time we were in Vegas. Like shoot machine guns, or take a road trip out to the Hoover Dam, or see any shows. And there's plenty of things I would do again- eat a big steak, go to the champagne buffet brunch on Sunday, play $1 Blackjack down on Fremont Street. Vegas in April is warm enough to lounge at the pool. The Marriott property looks really nice- quiet, because it doesn't have a casino, and there's a kitchen in our room, so we can eat in if we're feeling thrifty.

New York? No, that's Las Vegas! A shot Marc took on our last trip.

So, after countless hours spent looking and thinking and wondering, we reached a decision- Vegas it is!

Look out Elvis, we're coming back!