Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here Comes the Breasts

Today, I received what is indubitably the most important thing I need for my wedding day. Yes, that's right, I finally found a bra.

It's not easy being a busty girl. I wasn't even an early bloomer- I remember being flat-chested enough in middle school that other girls made fun of me for not having to wear a bra. Two years later, I wake up, and I'm a DD. I TOTALLY showed those hos. But bra shopping isn't easy at that size- a lot of stores don't even carry it. And strapless bras? Forget about it. I managed to find one online (more on that later) a year or two ago- chocolate brown. It fits well enough, but chocolate brown isn't going to cut it for the wedding (especially given the cut of the gown).

I was featured on The Knot Live as their "busty bride". I was glad to see the dress Randy picked for me had a similar neckline to the dress I already bought. We did the fitting the day before the shoot, so right after leaving Kleinfeld (yes, I got to go there and YES, it was even more beautiful than it looks on TV), I figured, ok, I'll just run right out tonight and buy the strapless bra I can wear for this and for the wedding.

Ha! Can't believe I thought it would be that easy. I get to this big wedding store, and ask if I can try on their bridal bra in a 32DD. I even checked on the website to make sure they had it. But did they have it in stock? No. The salesgirl comes back with a 34D. Ugh. That drives me crazy, when they don't have your bra size and they just bring you whatever else they can find. Bras aren't something you want to buy in a size that's anything but the PERFECT size. I even humored her and tried it on, and it was just what you'd think- too small in the cup and too big in the band. I ended up wearing the chocolate brown bra for the shoot, folded in at the top so you didn't see any brown parts stick out of the dress.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for a bra, then I remembered my favorite bra resource: I can't believe I buy bras online, but it's true, I get all my good bras online. Here's what I've found to be the secret: get fitted in a high-quality bra store, find brands you like, buy online. The site always has sales or coupons that get me some really great deals. My last in-person fitting here in NYC was at Orchard Corset, and I highly recommend it. You haven't lived until a stranger knows by looking at you what size bra you wear and that one breast is bigger than the other (I never realized that until she said it- and she's right!). As for buying online, I really like to buy Prima Donna brand bras, but I'll go for any style that has a lot of support (generally lace, but I'll buy other styles if they don't look too stretchy). also will let you return bras, which is what I was going to do if the bridal bra I ordered didn't fit. But it does! You can't imagine the weight off my shoulders (and chest and back) this is. Now I'm ready to take on the world!!!