Monday, November 23, 2009

Growing out my nails

One of my new favorite blog reads is The Daily Nail. She's attempting to do 365 different nail designs in 365 days. Her designs are a riot- bacon nails, Vegas nails, Twilight nails, she does it all. I wish I had the energy to do all that, but I don't. She must have an amazing nail polish collection!

In my regular life, I keep my nails trimmed as short as possible. I am going to try to grow them out for the wedding, with the help of the nail salon down the street. Here's a funny thing about New York City: for all the talk about how much more expensive things are here (and plenty are), there are some things you can get wicked cheap, like manicures. The nail salon down the street, which is clean, sophisticated, and stocked with all the good magazines, will do a manicure for $6. I figure I'll get two or three before the wedding to help my nails grow properly, so by the wedding day, my nails will be long enough to balance out my short, sausage fingers. Bacon nails and sausage fingers, there's a healthy duo.

My nails for Jess and Kyle's wedding- loved that vivid blue!