Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Up? The Dress

A lot of engagements begin with a ring. Mine began with a dress.

Sneak peek of the dress. But which part? I'll never tell. Sorry, this is all you get until the big day!

From the very beginning of our relationship, we were never afraid to plan for the long-term. Two months in, we booked a trip for four months later. Being lovey-dovey is one thing, but booking non-refundable plane tickets to go to a friends' wedding in Vegas? That takes serious guts. Then the following February, we booked a cruise- for late September. Again, totally crazy, but totally us- we like to plan ahead. And we're cheap. The early bird gets the worm!

We never directly talked about us getting married to each other, but we had discussed enough that I knew when I asked one December night over dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, "So, what do you think about getting engaged this year?", that the answer wouldn't be no. That's it, we're getting married, engagement ring in the new year, wedding not this spring but the next, and could you please pass the parmesan cheese? I couldn't help sharing this news with my good friend Amanda later that week, particularly when she mentioned over sushi one night that she was hoping I could go with her to David's Bridal to look at a bridesmaid dress for a wedding she was in. Sure, I'd love to go, and oh, by the way, I might want to try on some wedding dresses....

Fast forward to David's Bridal. I knew the dress I wanted to try on- I had seen it somewhere online months earlier, and was always finding myself peeking back at the website to make sure they still carried it. When we got to the store, they had it in my size. And it fit perfectly. And it was on sale! $350 off. Still, I had a moment of doubt- is it really sane to buy a wedding dress before you're even officially engaged? I called Marc- honey, we really are getting married, yes? Because I'm about to buy a wedding dress... Ok, I love you, too, byeeee. That was it. Credit card down, dress on order. It came two months later, and now it hangs in the middle of my teeny NYC apartment (because it won't fit in the closet- it hangs from an exposed pipe in the bedroom instead), a reminder that we never doubted that we wanted to get married and, thankfully, that I've never doubted my taste in wedding dresses.