Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bridging the Divide between China and our wedding

Speaking of my sister Lee, about six months after her wedding to Jon, the newlyweds moved to China to teach English. So far, they are having a ball- making new friends, seeing new places, feeling like millionaires. Life is a lot cheaper in China! Unfortunately, that doesn't extend to airline flights back to NYC for, say, your sister's wedding. It's looking like my sister will not be making it back for the wedding. Unless one of you fine readers wants to sponsor the trip? I'm sure you all have a few thousand bucks lying around that you're just dying to get rid of.

A pic Jon took during a recent snowstorm.

I've been thinking on ways to keep my sister involved in the wedding process. I've asked for her opinion on several issues- she's the one who found my perfect wedding shoes on eBay, and helped me decide on a color for the tissue paper pom-poms for the reception. I don't just want to include her; I trust her taste. We did come from the same mother, after all, and Mom's taste is a force to be reckoned with.

Now I'm starting to think on the wedding day itself. We weren't planning on hiring a videographer, but do you know how cheap and easy to use video cameras are these days? This is not the breadbox with VHS tapes your father had to rest on his shoulder. A friend of mine has a Flip camera, and that thing is amazing. She let me use it to shoot video a few months ago at a karaoke party, when a bunch of us were screaming along to "Don't Stop Believin'". I figured the whole thing would be a dark, thunderous blob, but when she posted the clips to Flickr, it was amazing. I could see everyone, and hear individual voice parts- I heard things on the video I hadn't heard in person!

Marc and I are hoping to save up enough credit card reward certificates to be able to at least substantially subsidize purchasing one of these suckers. I could video blog the wedding day in real time! Imagine that. "Here's me in my Bridezilla robe!" "Here's me with no makeup on, AHHH, I'm scary!" "Here's me having a panic attack, get me some bagel and lox, stat!"