Friday, October 30, 2009

And now I'm a bride

I never dreamed about my wedding when I was a little girl. I always had big dreams about other things- moving to the big city, leading a glamorous life, making a lot of friends, maybe meeting a nice guy along way? It was all very "Carrie Bradshaw", if you will (yes, it's a cliche, but it's MY cliche! Haters to the left!). A wedding? Forget about it. Sure, I'll sit through a crazy wedding show (because wedding dresses are fashion too!), but I wasn't one of those girls buying bridal magazines at 16. Just wasn't interested. Had too much else going on. All the laaaadies, who indepeeeendent, throw your hands up at me!

And then I met him.

Who could resist that face?

It was the little things that made me realize that we belonged together. Like the day I was in DSW searching for a new pair of boots when I realized I just couldn't decide without hearing Marc's opinion. Well, I could, but would I want to? No. I want to hear his opinion about everything, even ankle boots (and he's just plain WRONG when it comes to ankle boots, but that's another story). Or the day I was flipping through Family Circle during a pedicure, saw an ad for one of those cheesy mail-order necklaces for a dad to give his daughter, and thought, aww, I bet Marc would like something like that for his future daughter. I have the sentimentality of a mountain goat, so I need someone in my life that knows when to pour on the sugar. Together, we're a good team.

And our first project together is Project Wedding. April 2010, our church here in Queens, NY, friends and family flying in from all over the world. Can it be done? Can we stay true to our principles, taste, budget, and still throw a kick-butt party? Time will tell. Stay tuned.