Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Hello, friends! I have been enjoying married life. You know what's great about married life? Jewelry. Oh yeah, there's love, companionship, blah blah blah, but let's be real, we all got married for the jewelry, amirite? I LIKE SHINY THINGS, DON'T JUDGE ME. Our pals over at have some tips on jewelry buying and care. I am all ears!!! My diamond is precious to me, like a wee little baby I wear on my hand in a metal basket.

Don’t Fall for the Jewelry Switcheroo

Everyone has a great-aunt or grandparent that went into a jewelry store only to find out their vintage engagement rings were worthless. What happened here? There are various possibilities, but many of them can be a case of the old jewelry switcheroo. As to who the guilty party might be, that’s anyone’s guess.

You Never Got a Real Diamond

Before you blame the jeweler, there’s a real possibility you never got a real diamond. Your spouse might have meant to switch the ring when they could afford the real thing and after the wedding never bothered. It could be the fiancĂ©e got taken by someone who sold them a ring that didn’t include diamonds, but they were misrepresented as such. They might have not understood that the words “simulated diamonds” meant diamonds that aren’t natural and not worth as much. Whatever the reason, something was switched either in their minds or the rings.

Cleaning Jewelry

Another way a ring can be switched out is when you take it to get appraised or for a cleaning. These two activities should be done right in front of you, so that the person handling the jewelry has no chance to switch it out. If you’re asked to leave your piece and come back for it, try a different jeweler.

Work With Reputable Jewelers

The moral is clear: Always seek a reputable jewelry merchant. Always have your jewelry appraised so that you can verify that what you came in with is what you should leave with too. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to tell after the switch at what point in time the diamond went missing. Keep the ring safely in your home in a jewelry box or in a lock box. Be careful with your fine jewels and make sure you are present when they are cleaned or repaired.

Monday, May 17, 2010


And with that, I'm off, ladies! This ends my time as a Knottie Blogger. I've enjoyed every second of it- and I hope you did, too! I hope wedding planning is a joy for you. Don't stress too much! If only to keep your face from getting too wrinkled.

Pro Pictures: NYPL and Bryant Park

All photos by Jim Kocis Photography.

Pro Pictures: Two brides in Times Square

We arrived at our first portrait destination- Times Square!

Right out of the station, we spotted this guy:

And of COURSE, he spotted us! I must say, as far as crazy looking guys go, he seemed in his right mind- he didn't try to touch me or take anything from us. He greeted me as a sister, and we posed for a picture.

Then it was off for a few portraits, just the two of us!

All photos by Jim Kocis Photography.

Pro Pictures: The trip to the city

After our reception, we went into the city for portrait shots! And how do New Yorkers travel but by subway?

Good question!

I didn't want to sit down and wrinkle my gown! I barely sat down all day. This makes a girl quite tired.

All photos by Jim Kocis Photography.

Pro Pictures: Reception

All photos by Jim Kocis Photography.

Pro Pictures: Ceremony

My gorgeous sister.

My gorgeous Mom.

Pro Pictures: More Portraits

My sweetie GJ and I!

Our sassy ushers, Chris and Leon.

Colin and I.

My cousins, mother, Grammy and me!

All photos by Jim Kocis Photography.